We offer a path of mindfulness meditation and contemplative arts that cultivates the qualities of kindness, bravery, and wisdom.  Our vision is to contribute towards the creation of a more compassionate, sustainable, and just society. Shambhala welcomes people from all walks of life, faiths, and backgrounds to come together to practice meditation, connect with each other, and celebrate together in order to create a culture of dignity and sanity in an increasingly chaotic and stressful world.

Shambhala is a global community led by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. Rooted in ancient Buddhist and Tibetan tradition, Shambhala infuses our lives with the discovery of our human goodness and connects us to our natural world. Shambhala is based on trust in human dignity and the cultivation of kindness. Our vision is to cultivate and inspire genuine dialogue and sustainable, just, human societies.  

Featured Programmes

How to be Free? Beyond the prison of 'me'

with Acharya David Hope & Shastri Christina de Block

February 27th—March 5th

Learn to Meditate

March 14th—April 4th

Glimpses of Vajrayana :

with Shastri Peter Conradi

March 19th—March 20th