Ancient Wisdom for Modern Life”

Shambhala London is part of a global community inspired by the vision of creating an enlightened society, based on the principles of kindness, fearlessness and basic goodness. We offer training in meditation, Buddhism, arts and communication.

– Over 100,000 people in 94 countries have attended in-depth courses to learn about meditation with Shambhala.

– Our global membership exceeds 10,000 people committed to meditation practices, Buddhist principles, and the aspiration to collectively be of great benefit to the world.

We offer meditation classes and courses for beginners, and also a path of ongoing development for anyone who wish to take their meditation practice further, or learn about the profound spiritual path of Shambhala Buddhism.

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Shambhala Day 2018 - Year of the Earth Dog

February 16th—February 17th

Mirror of Reflection: The Life of Yeshe Tsogyal

with Shastri Jane Hope

February 24th—February 25th

Contentment in Everyday Life

February 27th—March 27th