Contemplative Art

Contemplative Art springs from a meditative state of mind, hence it is awake, non-biased and open to things as they are. The contemplative art forms based on Chögyam Trungpa’s teachings are available to beginners and offer a profound and authentic path. When we lose connection to our innate natural goodness, we become disconnected from ourselves, others, nature and our world. This results in suffering and discontent.

Chögyam Trungpa presented us with teachings on how to reconnect to our innate nature. Perceiving the world directly, without using the filters and judgments of conceptual mind, we become more open and in touch with our world. This intimacy is what we have been deeply longing and looking for: unity and oneness.

When art is practiced with a meditative mind it allows us to create from our source. When we are in harmony and communication with this source then we are in harmony with ourselves, others and everything that exists in our world. What we create on the paper, in images, with flowers, the way we shoot an arrow becomes a dignified, peaceful expression of this inner connection and increasingly informs our daily situations.

Shambhala Art

Kado- The Way of Flowers

Kyudo- The Way of The Bow

Miksang Photography

Maitri Five Wisdoms