Miksang Photography

Miksang is a form of contemplative photography inspired by the teachings on perception and expression of the Tibetan Meditation Master and Artist, Chögyam Trungpa.

Miksang means ‘Good Eye’ in Tibetan. We all have a Good Eye, the ability to see the world in a pure way, without overlays of meaning and value, pleasure, dislike, or disinterest. When we can see with our Good Eye, the world is always fresh, because everything we see is as for the first time. There is no memory, no association, only the world manifesting to us, as it is.

These perceptions are vibrant and vivid, pulsating with life. The visual world is our feast, our playground. Seeing in this way brings us joy in being alive. Through our images we can express our experience of seeing. Our photographs will carry within them our heart and our mind.

www.miksang.com and www.miksang.org