Easy Like Sunday Mornings …

Sunday is a day for a lie-in, a nice breakfast feast, a walk with a dog (or another human being), and now I can recommend another pleasant activity that you can add to your list of possible Sunday morning activities: The Sunday morning meditation at the Shambhala Centre is easy, too. Well, not as easy … Continue 



#household who Is that beautiful evil Bastard who makes me breakfast Then turns on me then turns me on and off and on again Seeks me out for warmth and comfort Only to drench me in icy silence Drives me wild with fury Only to dissolve me in giddy laughter Takes up space Touches my … Continue 


Appiness is….

Unless you’ve just emerged from a three-year solitary retreat, you’ll have noticed the huge surge of interest in mindfulness.  These days, many newcomers to Shambhala have had their first contact with meditation through mindfulness apps, online videos and audio-based courses. As a mindfulness teacher with a media background (I worked as a BBC producer for … Continue 


Book Club

During a recent Shambhala Training weekend the existence of a small Herefordshire Shambhala Book Group came to light. This sparked a response for something similar to be set up at the London centre.   The basic idea would be to read a book, or a chapter/part of a book and meet to discuss it and … Continue 


Editorial (1/2017)

Dear Community,   Cheerful new year to you! A new solar year has commenced, and the days are getting longer again. Hopefully this message finds you and your relations very well and warm. I have just returned from staffing the beautiful Winter Youth Retreat – a meditation programme for young people of all backgrounds that has been … Continue 


Update from the Centre Director

Recently the Centre Hosted Jane Arthur, Leader for Governance of Shambhala International. Over the course of three days she met with some members of our community, the centre’s leadership team and also a number of our senior teachers. It was an opportunity for her to get an understanding of how things are in European Shambhala … Continue 


Changes to the Council’s Membership

Annalie Wilson has stepped forward to join the Council, in the role of Director of Culture and Decorum.  This is a role which has been unfilled for some time in London.  Annalie will focus on the cultural elements of our activities as well as uplifting the centre’s environment. There will be a ceremony on Shambhala … Continue 


Care Circles: supporting the seriously unwell and dying in our community

At any time, people in our community are unwell or dying. This painful reality is rooted in both the Buddha’s first Noble Truth and our aspiration to manifest an enlightened society. As a community, we have choices about how we respond to such situations among our dharma friends. We would like to begin a conversation … Continue 


The Ziji Collective – A Report

Ziji: – the Shambhala International Youth Group Network In September Llew Watkins and 2 other members of Ziji invited members of London Shambhala to a meeting at the centre, to explain what Ziji is. In particular, Llew wanted to share what happened at the Ziji summit in Berlin this summer and to provide an opportunity … Continue 


A Walk in the Park

14 September 2013    Saturday morning, Russell Square Gardens.  It has been raining hard, but has by now stopped, so a few people are sitting outside the café while others stroll by, enjoying the fresh, damp air.  A group of assorted people arrive, with square dark blue cushions in clear plastic bags, and proceed, with … Continue 

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