The Four Noble Truths of Love
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Buddhism and Relationships My 19th wedding anniversary is coming up next month. HOLY CRAP. I never in a million years imagined that I would be with one person for this long. Our marriage has been more than I could have hoped for but nothing I would ever have expected. Like most of us, when I … Continue 

Editorial (Autumn ’17)

Dear Friends, Welcome back to London and the UK. I trust you enjoyed your summers and whatever activities may have been on your agenda. I spent part of my summer at our European land centre, Dechen Chöling, and am feeling inspired and refreshed for a new annual cycle. This newsletter contains a record-breaking 15 articles … Continue 


In recent discussions, Kalāpa Acharya Adam Lobel, the leader of the Practice and Education pillar in Shambhala, discussed the possibility of changes that we might make in our understanding of the culture of learning in Shambhala.  We currently have a model of the path that is a bit like a ‘tube’ or a ‘ladder.’  In this … Continue 

Ziji Collective – Young Meditators’ Nights

It’s 11:30pm Tuesday night, and I’m experiencing a heady mix of joy and sadness. I’m heading home from the London Shambhala Centre, having said my last goodbye to the sweet and inspiring Young Meditators’ Night group which has sprung up in my three months of co-hosting.      Always looking for a reason to throw … Continue 

Harvest of Peace

Connection, Change, Community, and Celebration are words that come to mind when looking back at the Harvest of Peace day at the London Shambhala centre in September. In the Sakyong’s Harvest of Peace speech we heard that through our confidence and sense of well-being, we can be beacons and shine. He described the sense of … Continue 

Mandala News

Dear Friends, Here are some developments and events within the wider Shambhala Mandala that I thought you may find of interest: The Kongma Sakyong, head of our Shambhala lineage, just finished his European tour. After guiding students in Vajrayāna programmes (Sacred World Assembly, Scorpion Seal Assembly) at the European land centre of Dechen Chöling in … Continue 

Shambhala London Refugee Project

The worldwide refugee crisis, and the ongoing situation with Syria in particular, is something which I’m sure many of us witness with horror, despair, and a strong feeling of ‘How can I help?’ Thanks to Jim O’Neill, members of Shambhala London have been mobilised to come together and consider what we, as a community, can … Continue 

Sacred World and Meeting the Sakyong

Sacred World Assembly, Dechen Chöling 2017 – an experience encompassing past, present, and future. The preparation, the reflection and the experience itself as it happened, which then becomes the past as it unfolds. This in itself is a mind conundrum! It felt like a long time coming, a lifetime of preparation, in a way, leading … Continue 

Questions for the Centre Director

Lee, how long have you served the Council? I was appointed in September 2015 at the Harvest of Peace celebration, in a ceremony led by Richard Reoch, former President of Shambhala International and Personal Envoy of the Sakyong. All appointments have a three-year term, which can be renewed once if that is what is in … Continue 

Working with Money: A Finance Director’s Perspective

What is our purpose? At Shambhala, we have the main vision of creating an enlightened society. The primary way in which we do this is by providing a safe and welcoming space for our community to connect to the basic goodness in themselves, others, and everyday situations through meditation, the arts, and exercising. This is … Continue