Just the Kasung

Hey Are You In charge Or Just the Kasung? Well The three poisons Attack in many manifestations What about aggression? So We protect space We are space Adamantine horizon Guarding gently Embodying perky presence. Hai Not afraid to be a fool You can do it With Werma-smile Victorious on the spot.         … Continue 

New Shastris Appointed

The Office of the Sakyong recently announced the appointment of fifteen new Shastris (Sanskrit for “someone who is versed in or holds the śāstras,” the classical Dharma treatises and scriptures) or senior Dharma teachers in the Shambhala lineage. This decision is effective as of September 22-23, or Harvest of Peace.   At our London Centre, we … Continue 

Autumn Self

My autumn self is walking Not knowing where it is going But feeling The outstretched arms of orange trees The empty expanse of a damp cold field Reaching inside to a place that is tender An aching seed of shaky surrender that says This is it then? This isn’t half bad Or half good Don’t … Continue 

Centre growth triggers new governance trial

The London Shambhala Centre is pleased to announce a new trial in its governance.  For the next 6 months, the Centre Director will be paid to work two days a week.  Lee Howson, the current Centre Director, will focus on strategic development: the growth of the Centre, further expansion of its activities and connection with other organisations. The … Continue 

Shambhala Day 2017

Shambhala Day 2017: Year of The Fire Bird Reading the description of the Fire Bird definitely got me in the right mood for this year’s Shambhala Day : “Legend says that the Fire Bird is a feisty sign and is related to the phoenix, so this new year is most definitely about fresh starts. In … Continue 

Protected: Why do we have Asian looking flower arrangements at Shambhala centres

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Editorial (2nd Quarter/ 2017)

Dear Friends,   In the editorial for our first newsletter this year, I wished you a cheerful new solar year. By now we have also traversed Dön season and entered the new Tibetan year of the Female Firebird, marked by Losar and Shambhala Day at the end of February. It is therefore my pleasure to … Continue 

The Ziji Gar

How the Ziji Gar was born I am writing this on the train as I have just returned from the most wonderful few days at Dechen Chöling where myself, Lia Duggan, Simon Engelke, Simon Bertin, and Oli Wang met to discuss and continue to co-create together the Ziji Gar that will happen there from July … Continue 

Easy Like Sunday Mornings …

Sunday is a day for a lie-in, a nice breakfast feast, a walk with a dog (or another human being), and now I can recommend another pleasant activity that you can add to your list of possible Sunday morning activities: The Sunday morning meditation at the Shambhala Centre is easy, too. Well, not as easy … Continue 


#household who Is that beautiful evil Bastard who makes me breakfast Then turns on me then turns me on and off and on again Seeks me out for warmth and comfort Only to drench me in icy silence Drives me wild with fury Only to dissolve me in giddy laughter Takes up space Touches my … Continue