Enlightened Society Under Our Feet

The stories we tell each other are important.  They shape the way we see the world, how we feel about ourselves and society. One such story is that life is nasty brutish and short.  It has an off-shoot, the idea claiming that nature is locked in a perpetual battle for survival.  Over the summer, this … Continue 

‘La Niña El Niño’ (by Caroline Kha, 2012)

Caroline Kha studied Fine Arts at the National Art School in Sydney, Australia.  She was awarded an artist residency at the Florence Trust in 2009 and currently works in London. Kha’s uses traditional media, assemblages and online projects. Her recent works are forms of meditations – drawing on archetypal imagery, symbols and connections to nature.

The Sakyong In Krakow by Mio Sylvester

Legend states that Kraków was founded by Krakus, a Polish prince, who built the famous Wawel palace over the slain dragon Smok Wawelski’s lair at the foot of Wawel Hill. Krakow has always been the spiritual and intellectual centre of Poland. The Enlightenment was started by Nicholas Copernicus – a Polish student at Kraków University … Continue 

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Watch: What really matters “All of us need a reason to wake up – for me it just took 11 thousand volts.” BJ Miller is a palliative care physician at the Zen Hospice Project. His aim is to create a dignified, graceful end of life experience for his patients. In this talk he asks the … Continue 

Kado: Freedom Through Discipline

Kado translates as ‘The Way of Flowers’, however what we actually study is ‘The Way of Nature’. In Kado we observe nature and its laws, and we integrate these observations into our practice. Chögyam Trungpa understood that the innate wisdom in human beings can be recognised and cultivated through flower practice because human beings are … Continue 

Finding happiness through silence

Sitting in a sunny garden I asked her, “What is happiness for you?” In a beat, eyes closing as if to recall an image, she answered “Azure.” Then added, “I swam in a warm, flat sea, without a care. ‘Azure’ is the word for the sky and sea at that moment.” It sounds idyllic doesn’t … Continue 

The Power of Silence

There’s a whole industry devoted to helping us fill those uncomfortable pauses in a conversation; books offering “A field guide to awkward silences”, YouTube videos listing “14 things awkward people do”, even a phone app offering “10 witty lines to learn by heart” so that we are never short of things to say during a … Continue 

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Watch: The Sound of Silence Are we plugged in to our music, the radio, social media all the time because we want to avoid the sound of discord around us? Dr. Gage Paine argues that silence can dissolve that discord and help us find peace.     Read: How to Cure Our Chronic Self-Righteousness “Love … Continue 

A Harvest of Peace

Autumn – it’s my favourite season. The evenings may be drawing in, and the temperature may be dropping, yet the world seems abundant with the fruits of the past year. Traditionally this is the time when we gather in the harvest; when we reap what we’ve sown, and watered, and fed over the preceding year. … Continue 

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Watch: Compassion and the true meaning of empathy by Joan Halifax. In this TED talk Buddhist teacher Joan Halifax speaks on compassion and empathy and how to open to the pain of the world with courage, strength, and wisdom. She works with people at the last stage of life, (in hospice and on death row), … Continue