Buddhism for Schools

Drawing upon extensive training and study of the main schools of Buddhism, and an in-depth knowledge of the curriculum needs and teaching pedagogies in UK schools, our sessions are very focused on what your children need educationally as well as personally.

Lee is a trained meditation teacher and also Qigong/Tai Chi instructor. He has worked in secondary Religious Education (including A’ Level Philosophy and R.S.) for 10 years, six of which as Curriculum Lead for R.E. He has worked in Primary School for two years teaching PSHE and Religious Studies.

Lee is also a graduate of Vajrayana Seminary in the Shambhala Buddhist tradition, which originates from Tibet. This involved many years of study and practice, and three months of intensive Buddhist retreats. More recently Lee spent four months in a Buddhist monastery engaging in advanced Buddhist practice and study. He is now the Director of Shambhala in London and regularly teaches Buddhist and Meditation courses here.

Visits for up to 30 students can be hosted at our Meditation Centre in Clapham Common (find us here). Alternative we can arrange for a visit to your school to present Buddhism to any of your classes, or to assist in teacher training events at your school.

For more information on what we offer please contact schools@shambhala.org.uk