CDI Meeting Principles

  1. We seek to create a space which is enjoyable and accessible to all who wish to be involved.


  1. We operate a zero guilt policy for meetings. Not able to make it? No questions asked. No reasons needed. You will always be welcome.


  1. We recognise that we live in a culture of over-work and busyness. Some of this work is unseen and unacknowledgd, including often by ourselves. We seek to celebrate not-doing and encourage team members to not-do when this feels possible, helpful, urgent or necessary. 


  1. Many of the experiences shared in this space are personal and should be treated with respect, gentleness and in confidence. The minutes may reflect this.  


  1. These principles are written to apply to all. However, we acknowledge that existing and historical power structures impact on all interactions and continue to marginalise the needs of many. This should be kept in mind throughout.