CDI team minutes – 11 March 21

Minutes for LSMC Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Team meeting

11th March 2021


Present: FH, RC, AW, KW

Apologies: KG, RK, YP

Chair: FH

Minutes: RC


  • Pronouns


Invite all participants/teachers/staff to add pronouns to their name during events. Adding instructions to emails with zoom links. Add pronouns to teacher’s bio’s on website. Add pronouns to email sign offs.


KW to implement.


  • Accessibility section on website


Needs updating: 

  • How to get on to zoom
  • Accessibility in the centre
  • Neurodiversity
  • Instructions about pronouns


KW to set up page. CDI members to feed in information. RC to write about neurodiversity.


  • Gender neutral bathrooms


Put a sign up on women’s toilet to make them gender neutral

Would like to re-design men’s toilets to make it wheelchair accessible?


KW to put up sign. FH to investigate wheelchair accessibility when she has time. 


  • Next meeting


 May 2021 @ 7pm on Zoom