CDI Team minutes, Jan 2021

Minutes for LSMC Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Team meeting

14th January 2021


Present: Frances Holliss, Rachael Cheang

Apologies: Kate Grierson, Richard Knott, Yukiko Putnam, Annalie Wilson

Chair: Frances Holliss

Minutes: Rachael Cheang


  • Team enthusiasm


Team loosing Lungta, agreed to have a meeting every two months during pandemic instead of every month.


  • Community meeting in March


Frances to take this to next council & trustees meeting and ask that it be a joint responsibility to organise.


  • Shambhala Day 13th February 2021



1:50pm Frances to open zoom and 

2:00pm Frances to give intro

2:05pm RC meditation

2:30pm Vinita Joseph – Year of the Iron Ox

3:30pm Comfort break

3:35pm AGM chaired by David Hope

4:00pm Review of horizontal structure (5min summary per team, 15min discussion in breakout rooms, 25min open discussion)

5:00pm Social


Frances to contact Vinita. Rachael to send schedule to Jez.


  • SWOT analysis of horizontal structures



  • Significant involvement in community meetings deciding future of LSMC
  • High energy, enjoyable, inclusive 
  • Good cooperative teamwork in organising successful community days which were inclusive, family friendly and open to all.



  • Minutes not always posted in a timely fashion
  • Lack of skilful means when conflict arose – leading to a member leaving the team
  • Not achieving a radical and rapid change in culture with respect to race in LSMC which lead to one (Black) member leaving the organisation



  • Contribute to development of an open, inclusive, diverse sangha



  • Down to three active members, with two carrying most of the load which is unsustainable.
  • Team lungta is diminishing as a result of reduced team members


  • Next meeting


4th March 2021 @ 7pm on Zoom