Council and Trustee Meeting – 16 October 2020

Attending: Jane O, Jez, Philip, David, Jane, Adam, Rachael, Frances, Angie


1. Appoint minute taker

2.Minutes of last meeting (attached here) and any matters arising from teams not included in items below

Noting Llew’s  appointment as P&E assistant and any additions to teams (e.g Pascale Gillet joining Comms and Marketing team)

3. Ratification of the statement sent to members as shown in the minutes

4. Agree text(s) + any supporting information reflecting LSMC new position to send out to various recipients  and on various platforms


letter to members 

letter to Shambhala Board

letter to Shambhala Europe ( see item 5 below ) 

LSMC website 

Other social media sites 

Note:  there are two draft texts to consider – one from Philip and one from Adam that could be the starting point for discussion and final draft today as much as possible, in order of the priorities that we might agree on. Also the recent community engagement PT initiative that Jane has drawn our attention to and David’s post with copy of Suzie Vincent’s Auckland Centre letter  

5  Consider possible response to letter (attached ) from Joanna Francis to Jane Hope re our contributions to SE -if not part of any letter above

6 Letter to Oddfellows in response to their negotiating position over our rent proposal(I think Jez has made a draft for Trustees to send as agreed in our last finance team meeting) 

7  Set date and process for Review of our governance structure and functioning

8  AOB 

9  Date of next meeting 



1 – Jez 

2 – Review of Minutes – all actions have been completed.

ACTION – Frances still to extract any main points from the minutes of the community meeting from the 5th September.

ACTION – Adam to share a video that we may decide to share with members?


P&E have scheduled a brainstorming session to come, many people to join.

P&E we will not publicise the Polish BG2 programme with Fleet Maul


CDI – Major agenda item for next meeting is about how people that don’t agree with the stance, how they are welcomed and made to feel included


3 – The statement has been ratified. A broad consensus was reached from the council and trustees on ratification of the statement that the community voted on.


POINT OF NOTE – Philip would like to have some note that not all trustees have agreed to ratify this statement. This was cleared up by using broad consensus in the statement.


4 – Most important to communicate to members and attendees.

ACTION – Jane O’Callghan happy to create a statements (5 versions) from the Comms team.

Deadline to send out statement next Friday.


5 – Conversation needed with SE about costs and our position. Negotiate what dues we can afford to pay tied in with the cost of the services we use.


ACTION – Finance Team to meet and respond.

ACTION – Time to meet with SE reps and start discussion. David Hope plus 1 or more.


6 – Already covered earlier in review of minutes 


7  – Set date and process for Review of our governance structure and functioning

ACTION – CDI team to have this on their agenda and make a proposal


8  AOB 

Worldwide group meetings? Should we be attending these meetings? Jane H would like to attend the North Am one. David H would also like to attend one.

ACTION – Philip Cohen wants to know how the lengthy comments about the statement that have been emailed to us will be addressed. Francis Hollis suggests that this is the matter for the CDI and will be put on the agenda for the next CDI meeting.

ACTION – Rachel Cheang also suggests that another community meeting be arranged perhaps this can be discussed at the next meeting.


  1. Next meeting 

Friday, 13 November 2020 at 7:30 PM.