Council / Trustee Minutes – 2 April 2021

Present: Jez T (chair), Adam H, David H, David M, Jane H, Rachael C, Frances H (minutes)


Next meeting: Friday 7 May 2021 7.30

Action points

  • Care and Conduct/ safeguarding

DM to approach 381 to find out about creating LSMC safeguarding situation from a template, and also to see about safeguarding training which under new C&C policy is now necessary for all LSMS staff


DM to make electronic form so everyone from timekeeper up signs oath re safeguarding. 

JT to circulate form to staff for electronic signature as necessary


LSMC needs to review new care and conduct policy 

  • Review of new structure

JT to put SWOT analysis on the Members part of the LSMC website


Swot analysis – discussion of weaknesses and threats to be agenda item for next meeting. Concern raised about overload – council and trustees doing all the work – teams small, few active members. Mental wellbeing of team members and trustees, and safeguarding policy to avoid overload and ensure ongoing viability of centre, to be main item on next agenda

  • LSMC representation at SI P&E meetings

Jez to talk with Shambhala Database Team to find a way to fit the new LSMC structure, especially team reps, into the Shambhala database boxes for the old structure Pillar Directors

  • CDI

Discussion of meeting re inclusion postponed to future meeting