C&T meeting minutes 5th Feb 2021

Meeting 5th Feb 2021

Jez, Jane, Jane, David, David, Adam, Frances

Apologies: Angie, Philip





  • DH and RC to sign lease


Review last minutes

P&E brainstorming minutes. 

  • JH to send out brainstorming meeting minutes
  • KW to be approached to tidy up minutes/work them into more coherent document

C&C documents. Discussion still to be had between bridging the gap between old and new.

  • ACTION – Letter to whoever is responsible for holding the C&C team (Tara Templin/Claudia Arnau) about what we should do with historical complaints. 
  • ACTION – DH to send DM Tara’s email.


Sangha Call

  • ACTION – DH to send out recording of call to JH, AH, FH.
  • ACTION – Have a centre event where these issues are discussed. People can share what they know or think. P&E want to hold another community meeting in April. (March meeting about grievances on the statement we released had been agreed in a previous C&T meeting).
  • ACTION – CDI to look into a conference inviting like minded groups to talk about a vision/way forward


Shambhala Day

  • ACTION – CDI propose that C&T take on joint responsibility for the March community meeting
  • ACTION – JT to send out email to members and to the mailing list. Including a link to the Shambhala Official events on the 12th.
  • ACTION – FH to check with VJ about the hour slot.
  • ACTION – review of how this executive body and trustees has been working. People to email AH so he can collate that into something for Shambhala Day meeting.
  • ACTION – Finance team and Comms team to do SWOT analysis



  • ACTION – DM to contact Gampo Abbey about month long retreat for Alex’s collection


Next meeting date: Friday 5th March