Finance Team Minutes – 14 July 2020

Jane Hope Jez Taylor, Peter Burke , Adam Hart(minutes)

Jez presented the management accounts that showed we made a small profit
last month , with some increase in income and continued low expenses,
especially with current rent exemption and lower than usual centre running

We expect to be breaking even over the next two months, especially with some
income from the Bleddfa online retreat, so long as the rent exemption continues.

The centre’s finances for the immediate and medium term (1-2yers) future will
remain in credit, but the team agreed that there are other major challenges to our
viability, whatever the outcome of the forthcoming members community
meetings, and whether or not the centre will open physically in the near future.

These concern
1 The human resources to keep things running, especially as Jez’s quite
extensive voluntary time will be reducing from this Sept
2 The stages, process and outcome of lease negotiations with Oddfellows.

1 Jez to research possible job spec for a one day a week admin support worker
to supplement his reduced activity from Sept and financial implications of this and
possible other payments, if needed , for peoples’ work for the centre’s continued
vitality and growth ,and to analyse the steps needed for physical opening and
maintaining a socially distancing centre into 2021
2 All teams, teachers and others to be invited to see how they can respond to our
reducing capacity to function and help boost inputs into running existing and
other events, courses, etc, to raise our social capital and resilience.
3 Strategy for Lease-renewal negotiations, ask for continued no rent, and then
reduced rental short term agreement once opening up
4 We suggest that , whilst keeping on with what we have for now, we need to
engage in blue skies rethinking about different models of running things and
space possibilities in the future , including e.g moving elsewhere, or adopting the
existing centre, sharing space with other groups etc etc.
Next meeting tbc