Finance Team Minutes – 28 Oct 2020

Finance team minutes

October 28th 2020
Present:  Adam Hart, Jane Hope. Jez Taylor
Previous Minutes
A decision was made to hire the space to the Acupuncture Clinic.
Statement to SE
The LMSC statement has been sent to SE.  Also ‘The Sense of Shambhala’ survey has been sent to the Board.
Dues Payment to SE
We discussed dues payments from LSMC to SE and agreed that we should pay for the services we use and not for other things we do not take advantage of.  There should be a two-way conversation between LMSC and SE and we should have regular updates on what the dues were used for.
It was agreed to set up a zoom meeting between the directors is SE and representatives of LSMC.
Extra zoom account
It was agreed that we should pay for an extra zoom account.
Next Meeting:.