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Membership In Shambhala

Becoming a member of Shambhala is a statement about your personal inspiration, curiosity, and commitment to the path of awakening. Many of us, once we begin to feel a connection to Shambhala, want to know: What’s involved in becoming a member? How can I support Shambhala? Membership is a commitment to strengthening our support of the Shambhala vision through meditation practice, financial giving, and service.

There are two ways to become a member of Shambhala. Most people become members through their local Shambhala Center. For those who do not live in geographical proximity to a Shambhala Center, there is the option to become an International Member of Shambhala. In either case, one becomes a member of an international network of individuals dedicated to increasing compassion, sanity and human dignity in this world.

Membership through your local Shambhala Center

First of all, there is no requirement to join Shambhala in order to attend events at your local Shambhala Center. Many Shambhala activities are open to anyone, though more advanced classes and trainings do have prerequisites. Meditation instruction, public meditation, and some introductory offerings are offered without charge, though donations are certainly appreciated.

For those wishing to join Shambhala through their local Center, there are three components:

1. Meditation Practice: A member of Shambhala makes a connection to mindfulness-awareness practice, and works to integrate that practice into daily life. This connection may also be made through contemplative practices based on mindfulness-awareness. As part of the global mandala of Shambhala, members are dedicated to creating enlightened society.

2. Volunteer service: A large majority of Shambhala activities are conducted by volunteers, and there are many ways to help. Members donate time to the local Center based on their interests and personal availability.

3. Financial Support: Shambhala is sustained through dues and donations. When one becomes a member through a local Center, one’s financial contributions support the needs of the local Center, with a portion going towards the support of the international Shambhala community. Dues structures vary across local Centers, but giving can always be tailored to one’s individual financial situation. The local Shambhala Center will ensure that anyone who wants to be a member can afford to do so.

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Joining Shambhala as an International Member

Not everyone lives close enough to a Shambhala Center to allow for joining through the local Center. Often such people are studying Shambhala and/or Buddhist teachings and practicing meditation on their own, and would like to connect with the larger international community. Anyone who has an interest in the activities of Shambhala can join as an International member of Shambhala. International members are asked to support Shambhala by paying a membership fee based on their financial situation. They are also asked to continue to deepen their practice of meditation and their study of the Shambhala Buddhist teachings. To help them do so, they may request to be connected to a Meditation Instructor.

For more information about becoming a Member contact Fernando Guasch at [email protected].