How to use Zoom for Online Events

Zoom is an online conferencing software that allows us to meet virtually in groups of 2 – 100 people.


The first thing to know is that you can either use Zoom through your internet browser or you can download the Zoom App onto your computer or tablet or phone. I would recommend downloading the App as this will give you more options, here is a link to download the app for various devices.  Choose the first option ‘Zoom Client for Meetings’ if downloading onto a computer or tablet.  There is an option for downloading onto a phone a bit further down the page.


Joining Zoom through your web browser

If you do not want to download the Zoom app and open an account, you can just click the link supplied for the event and it will automatically open a tab in your web browser and join you to the event.  The links should look like this   or sometimes it might be the word link or the word here.  The number on the end is the event ID where the event is taking place.


Joining through the Zoom App

Once you have downloaded the Zoom App onto your device, when you click a link, it should give you the option to join via Zoom, which means it will open the App and you will join the event from there.  You will be asked to join using the computer audio, click yes. Alternatively, you can open the Zoom App and click ‘join meeting’ then type in 9 or 10 digit event ID which is at the end of link, e.g. 123-456-789 from


Once you have joined an event, here are the basic functions that are good to know.

  • Icons – If you move your pointer over the bottom of the screen, you will see a row of icons pop up.  This gives access to sound, video, participants, chat, screen share.  I will go through the important functions here.
  • Sound – it’s always good to have your audio on mute unless you are speaking as background noise picked up by your microphone can be heard by everyone.  You have to remember to un-mute yourself when you want to say something and then mute again when you’ve finished, but it’s possible to get used to it.  To mute and un-mute, click the microphone icon in the bottom left corner.  Sometimes the event host will do it for you.
  • Video- if you do not want others to see you, you can turn off the video by clicking the icon of the video camera in the bottom left corner of the screen
  • Chat – this is a window in whcih you can type messages to people, either to everyone or to selected people. You need to click the chat button on the bottom row to get this window up.  It is good for typing messages to the event host if you are having technical problems.


Different screen views

There are different ways to view everyone at the event.  You can either have everyone in a tile formation, or you can have the speaker in a main window and everyone else will be in a row of small windows at the top.  To change this view, there is a icon in the top left corner of the screen, these show pictorially which viewing option you can choose.


Tehcnical Issues

For our events, we will try to have a host available to help with any technical problems. If experiencing technical difficulties and it is not possible to speak (for example, meditation is happening or the teacher is speaking), it is best to open the chat window and message the host.


Any questions, feedback, please mail [email protected]