Maitri Five Wisdoms

The Five Wisdoms, also referred to as the Five Buddha Families, originate from traditional Buddhist teachings. Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche created a practice using five postures and colours to evoke these energies. The Five Wisdom’s are a vehicle for self- discovery, and a tool for understanding and working with others in everyday life.

The practice heightens the characteristic patterns of each wisdom energy, so that both the neurotic and sane aspects of the student’s personal style become apparent. Through experiencing the different energies, a gradual understanding develops. We begin to understand our neurosis and confusing emotions, as well as understand the different energies manifesting in others. This enables us to befriend all that we are, and develop unconditional love for ourselves and others.

“Opening to our energy with gentleness and kindness allows us to develop unconditional confidence and a tender heart or maitri. We uncover our strengths and let them shine! We radiate natural brilliance, our authentic presence.” Irini Rockwell

Our next Five Wisdom’s workshop will take place on 12th-14th May exploring the Five Buddha families in the context of developing compassion and wisdom.

Please visit the Five Wisdom’s Institute for more information on the Five Buddha energies.



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