Mindfulness for Children

It is not just adults that feel the stresses of the modern world. Research suggests that children today are more stressed than previous generations.

There is a growing body of evidence that mindfulness and meditation can be remarkably effective in giving children the tools they need to unwind, to take a greater interest in the world beyond screens and gadgets, and to become more emotionally literate and socially aware. Many prominent people people, including politicians, education leaders and mental health experts now advocate the routine teaching of meditation in schools. 

Our experience of teaching meditation to children as young as 7 shows they are open and receptive to the experience, enjoy the opportunity to relax and ‘be peaceful’ and report feelings of greater contentment, focus and empathy.

Having worked intensively with children for a number of years, we know that a calm, patient and authoritative approach is needed. We know they need short and fun activities to maintain their interest. We also trust that they are capable of immense wisdom and insight when given the time and space to reflect, and the warmth and care to trust that their views and ideas are valued. We can also teach some basic Tai Chi/Qigong exercises to promote healthy minds and bodies.

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These sessions are best conducted at our Meditation Centre near Clapham Common – how to find us.