Mindfulness at Work

We are happy to visit your place of work to teach mindfulness – in meditation, movement and activities – to your colleagues and employees. Research suggests mindfulness actually reduces stress, improves concentration and happiness, and can even strengthen the body’s immune system. It can also lead to greater self-awareness, improved emotional literacy and communication and develop qualities of compassion and empathy – all vital elements of working together harmoniously and productively.

We are passionate about teaching these simple techniques to as many people as we can, and so are happy to offer these services at a very affordable rate (which is negotiable and flexible, especially to charities, those working in education or health, and new and small businesses). Our Centre draws upon 30 years experience, in which time we have trained thousands of people in the basics of mindfulness and meditation.

We recommend a two hour session, including a presentation of the aims of these practices and their potential benefits, instruction and practice exercises, and discussion, feedback and questions. The cost will depend on location, duration and number of participation, but we are committed to keeping this as low as possible.

For more information, please contact director@shambhala.org.uk