Minutes – CDI – Dec 2019

Minutes for LSMC Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Team meeting

6th December 2019


Present: Frances H, Annalie W, Hannah G, Rachael C

Apologies: Richard K, Renata A

Chair: Hannah G

Minutes: Frances H



  1. Winter Solstice event


Set up

CDI team to meet at the centre to set up at 12 noon, for a 3.00/ 3.30 start of the event, all to bring glass jam-jars to put tea-lights in; Frances to bring tea-lights.



Teachers’ room to be set up as kids’ activity space. Rachael to bring Lego and other kids’ activity materials


Music/ Ziji

Annalie to meet Calilin to discuss. Annalie to MC in a low-key approach



The poster has been designed and is up at the centre. Annalie to ask Jez to send out a reminder email. Hannah to remind Annalie and to bring a means to light candles


Solstice ritual

Frances to bring leaves, metal bucket for ‘letting go’ ritual; all to think about possible ‘cultivation’ ritual.


Food and drink

Frances to make big pot of soup at centre; all to bring dish/ cake to share. Drinks to be bought locally as part of the set-up.


  1. Consultation process


An issue relating to a conflict of interest was discussed; a course of action was agreed.


  1. Funding for DCL


A query was raised about LSMC funding for DCL; Frances to ask the Finance team at the next council meeting


  1. Culture, Diversity and Inclusion page on LSMC website


Text including the agreed CDI manifesto/resources/events/meeting dates/minutes/ CDI contact has been sent to Ariela who will post it on a CDI page on the website.



(Carried over from previous meeting): It was felt that the website for LSMC could do with a revamp to make it simpler, more modern and elegant. Frances will propose this at the next council meeting.


  1. Events with diversity at their core


An Open Space event was suggested organised for the spring, as a collaboration between CDI and HWSP teams, that might explore some aspects of Health, Wellbeing, Diversity and Inclusion. A team-member knows a skilled and experienced facilitator who might work pro-bono. It was agreed to wait until after the solstice event before taking this any further.


  1. Membership


Revisiting LSMC membership processes to make more inclusive and welcoming: what is the purpose of membership? what does it offer to the prospective member? how can we make membership more inclusive, welcoming and desirable?

Carried forward to next meeting so Richard can be included in the discussion


  1. Next meeting


3rd January 6pm @ LSMC

Annalie W to chair

Hannah G to note take