Minutes – CDI – Feb 2020

Minutes for LSMC Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Team meeting

Friday 7th February 2020


Present: Frances H, Annalie W, Hannah G, Rachael C, Richard K, Kate G

Apologies: Renata A

Chair: Annalie W,

Minutes: Frances H


  1. Shambhala Day event

New running order to incorporate AGM (FH to communicate to Jez):

15.00: Tea and cake

16.00: Sitting

16.30: Vinita J will introduce us to the Iron Mouse. We will do a contemplation to let go of the Earth Pig and embrace the energies of the Iron Mouse as we step into the coming year. What might this mean for us both personally and as a society?

17.00: Listening Circle, chaired by David H

18.00: AGM incl. thank yous, chaired by Jane H

18.30: Shared supper and celebration

19.30: Close


Set up

CDI team to meet at the centre to set up at 12.30, for a 3.00/ 3.30 start of the event,



Teachers’ room to be set up as kids’ activity space. Rachael to bring Lego and other kids’ activity materials



Rachael to Umze



The poster has been designed and is up at the centre. Hannah to ask Jez to send out a reminder email



Richard to ask Yukiko/ Phillip S to organise flowers – budget £30


Thank you presents and cards

Frances to buy thank you flowers for David R and cards for David R and Paul G


Listening Circle

The Listening Circle at the Shambhala Day event is an opportunity for members to share their views on any topic relating to the last 6 months at LSMC/ wider Shambhala

Frances to invite David Hope to chair the Listening Circle, and Jane Hope to chair the AGM


Food and drink

Frances to make big pot of soup at centre; all to bring dish/ cake to share. Frances to buy drinks locally as part of the set-up.


  1. Membership

Revisiting LSMC membership processes to make more inclusive and welcoming: what is the purpose of membership? what does it offer to the prospective member? how can we make membership more inclusive, welcoming and desirable?


Richard to investigate the following:

  • Possibility of welcoming new members at LSMC quarterly community meetings
  • Loss of Gift Aid vs. potential income from offering Membership Benefits, taking models such as National Trust into account
  • Revisit Membership page to make it more welcoming and inviting
  • Looking at designing a new membership leaflet and poster, and to propose new content
  • The possibility of people being invited to become members before end of Level 3
  • The automisation of the membership process


  1. Further community meetings

A further community meeting is planned:

  1. To carry out a six-month review of LSMC’s new flatter, more open, democratic and transparent governance structure.
  2. To discuss the implications for the London Shambhala Meditation Centre of Shambhala Europe’s decision not to withdraw their invitation to the Sakyong to teach at DCL, following Ani Pema Chodron’s letter (and resignation as Acharya), the LSMC letteR, and the many other letters that oppose this decision.
  3. Provisional date Saturday 4 April 2020


  1. Next meeting

Fri 6th March 18.00-19.30 @ LSMC

Annalie W to chair

Hannah G to note-take

Attendance by Zoom welcome email [email protected] for the link