Minutes – CDI – Nov 2019

Minutes for LSMC Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Team meeting

4th November 2019


Present: Frances Holliss, Annalie Wilson, Hannah Gibson, Rachael Cheang

Apologies: Debbie Coates, Richard Knott, Renata Albuquerque

Chair: Frances Holliss

Minutes: Rachael Cheang



  1. Team remit and modus operandum


Chair/note-taker/minutes system

It was decided that these would rotate each meeting in alphabetical order: chair would begin with Frances; note-taker would begin with Rachael. Annalie expressed that she didn’t want to note take and Rachael didn’t want to chair so would swap when it is their turn to chair/note-take.


Frequency/ place/ time of meetings system

It was decided that the meetings would always be on the first Friday of every month at 6pm at the LSMC. They will be a maximum of 1.5 hrs.


Decision-making process

It was decided that the best approach would be to have a consensus -1 system for all decision making. Only those present in the meeting would have a say unless it was felt by those present that the decision needs to be extended to the whole team.


Representation on Council

It was felt for continuity, that one person would represent the team in council meetings for a period of one year and then another team member could express their interest in taking over. Frances was happy to do this for this coming year and it was agreed by those present.



  1. Process for CDI to organise events


First event: simple, inclusive welcoming LSMC Solstice event on 21 Dec 2019

It was decided to run the solstice event as a team and invite others to contribute if they wish. The basic structure would be loose, but include:

  • An autumn leaf ritual (Frances)
  • Candlelit meditation (Rachael)
  • Kids activities (Frances to contact Kelina & Annalie to ask Kaylen/Ziji to be involved)
  • Food share/drinks (Hannah)
  • Music (Solstice mash-up by Annalie)
  • Spontaneous offerings (songs/poems etc.)
  • MC (Richard?)
  • Frances, Rachael & Yukiko? to dress space (Frances to ask Yukiko)
  • Poster made by Alex? who would have free reign over appearance (Annalie to ask Alex)


  1. Ideas for discussion


Proposal for Culture, Diversity and Inclusion page on LSMC website: to include CDI manifesto/resources/events/meeting dates/minutes/ CDI contact?

Hannah will send everyone 1st draft to team and then contact Ariela about publishing it on the website.

It was also felt that the website for LSMC could do with a revamp to make it simpler, more modern and elegant. Frances will propose this at the next council meeting.


Events with diversity at their core to be proposed four times a year at LSMC: ideas for Spring/ Summer 2020?

Ideas include:

  • Inviting Lama Rod Owens spring? (Hannah to contact and invite him)
  • Programs about race & climate
  • Mindful parenting (possibly by Debbie Johnson)
  • Mindful caring
  • ONCA – The Unbearable Whiteness of Green Workshop
  • Panels
  • Gender
  • Youth retreat for Ziji
  • Family days (Rachael to contact Tim Coxon)


Revisiting LSMC membership processes to make more inclusive and welcoming: what is the purpose of membership? what does it offer to the prospective member? how can we make membership more inclusive, welcoming and desirable?

Carried forward to next meeting so Debbie and Richard are included in the discussion


  1. Next meeting


6th December 6pm @ LSMC

Hannah Gibson to chair

Renata Albuquerque to note-take