Minutes – Council Meeting – 11th March 2020

Minutes of the Council Meeting

London Shambhala Meditation Centre

Wednesday 11th March 2020

Present: Frances Hollis, Adam Hart, Jane O’Callaghan, Philip Stones, David Morris

Apologies: Peter Burke, Cailin Burney-O’Dowd


  1. It was agreed that Culture, Diversity and Inclusion (CDI) team would produce and circulate a sheet of guiding questions / enquiries for the community gathering on April 4th (these will also be available to those who cannot attend but wish to be included in anonymised harvesting of opinions and feelings)


  1. CDI will discuss who will be invited to attend the April 4th event, whether members only, or members + former members, or to include anyone who has begun Shambhala training, for example. CDI to advise council of intentions on this.


  1. Adam agreed to arrange an emergency meeting of the Trustees and the Council in the first part of the w/c March 30th, to discuss status of the centre and all upcoming programmes considering Covid-19 and emerging guidance.


  1. Adam agreed to find out from Peter or Jez whether the Gay Buddhist Fellowship are paying for monthly hire of centre.


  1. Outstanding from February meeting: There will be a review of protocols for how the council consults with teams and Trustees re: external communications.


  1. Jane to progress enquiries into how to revamp and re-write the website. Raised as part of this: Potential for using a ‘skin’ on the template; need to update out of date materials; usefulness of a ‘hire’ section which could be shared by members.


  1. Jane to move ahead with gathering materials for and placing advertisements on venue hire websites (which do not cost but take commission, and give LSMC right to vet/select as appropriate).


  1. The council agreed and committed to reading minutes of team meetings prior to council meeting to save time – council members to look on website members section for these.


  1. David to report back to P & E: council in agreement with proposal for teachers leading Monday open nights; CDI concerns over oblique event descriptions


  1. The email from Nele regarding the Health team to be discussed at next meeting


  1. The next council meeting (emergency, see above) will be held in the w/c March 30th.