Minutes- Council meeting December 2019

Council meeting 9 December 2019, 18:20


Peter B, Frances H, Michaela K, Adam H


Suggestion for Process for minutes

  • minutes taken
  • Sent around for approval to all people on council
  • At next meeting, minutes to be approved 
  • Then to be sent to X (TBC) for posting


Availability restricted to members only at this stage but TBD in the future 


Team reports

Role of HWSP team outlined

Thirty one eight membership approved —> send Jez, cc finance 

Recommended to form c&c panel to council, to be referred to teams for consultation

Recommendation to initiate wider consultation with community to begin formulation of centre position in relation to SI and SMR 


Action point 

Each team to come up with outlined position regarding the centre’s relationship to the Sakyong and SI, the crisis in Shambhala for next council meeting 


Action point relating to confidential matter 


Team report Finance 

  • Strategic plan drafted


Action points

Finance team to draft a letter to Shambhala Europe regarding reduction of dues to return to next meeting for approval by council to pass on to trustees


To action section 26 negotiations for the renewal of 7 year lease


Redraft Programm proposal to streamline it 


Team report CDI

Winter solstice event prep underway

Funding for DCL, clarification is needed but understandably hard to get at this stage