Minutes – Council meeting Feb 2020

Minutes of the Council Meeting
London Shambhala Meditation Centre
Monday 10 th February 2020
Present: Peter Burke, Frances Hollis, Adam Hart.

1. It was agreed that Culture, Diversity and Inclusion team would organise
an Open Space event in early April to discuss the implications of the
recent decision of the Sakyong to teach at Dechen Choling.

2. A copy of the reply will be sent to all members with the invitation to the
Shambhala Day Celebrations.

3. The Council will circulate its letter to Shambhala Board/ DCL re
the Sakyong’s return to teaching, to all teams and Trustees

4. Peter will contact Victoria to let her know that LSMC is no longer in a
position to continue contributing financially to the Oxford group after
August this year. Peter will make contact with Victoria by phone before
a letter is sent out.

5. There will be a review of protocols for how the council consults with
teams and Trustees re: external communications.

6. On Shambhala Day members will be invited to join the various teams.

7. It was agreed that the Gay Buddhist Fellowship could use the
Shambhala premises on first Sunday afternoon of each month from
March 1st.

8. It was agreed that new members would be named and welcomed at
quarterly community meetings .

9. The LSMC website will be revamped using capital funds.

10. The next council meeting will be held on11th March at 6pm.