Minutes – Finance Team – April 2020



Present:  Peter Burke, Adam Hart (Chair), Jane Hope (Minutes), Jez Taylor



Action By When By


1. Actions from last meeting
 Contacting the Oddfellows.  The Oddfellows have reimbursed the rent that we had already paid to cover the three months from March,
2. Shambhala Europe    
Jo Francis and Helmut Kraken from Shambhala Europe should be informed that we cannot pay dues at the moment.  Information will also be requested about what policies they are adopting to keep going.




Monthly Report    
JT reported that 2 members had left and one joined.

There was no programme income for March and none expected for April and May.  Because we are not paying rent, the monthly loss will not be as great as it would have been if the Centre stayed open. The Oddfellows hopefully will not be charging rent for the foreseeable future.  It was noted that, before the current Corona situation, the Centre was in financial difficulties.





4. Planning    
There are possibilities coming from our on-line presence and Practice and Education should be involved in this, as well as other groups.  It was recognised that new approaches are needed. All


5. Income from on-line events
There were discussions about charging for on-line events and it was agreed that donations should be requested at the end of all of the events.
6. AOB
Discussion about the ‘Open Space’ meeting which had been planned for April.  How do we have that kind of discussion now while we are on lock-down?

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