Minutes finance Team meeting – 1 Sept 20

Attending – Jane Hope, Peter Buke, Adam Hart, Jez Taylor (minutes)



– A position to begin negotiation with Oddfellows over new lease and any possible back payment for money owed since April when rent was stopped.

– Job description for new contracted worker

– Centre opening

– Peter Burke stepping down from Finance Team



– Adam to draft a letter to the Oddfellows next (after community meeting) stating our position with regards to signing a new lease agreement and what we can afford financially.

– It was agreed that we could offer £10,000 a year with the new agreement coming into affect in April 2020 when the rent was paused/stopped.

– Jez to supply Adam with the management account figures to show this is affordable for the centre.

– Letter to be passed through trustees for approval

– Job description to be altered to reflect our need to more centre hire income and name to be changed from P&E assistant to Events Manager and hourly rate to be increased to £15/hr.  Also noted that this person needs to be self-motivated and pro-active and would need to be accountable to the trustees and have a connection to the council.  The centre manager would be their direct line manager to oversee their work. 

– Peter to research whether £15/hr is fair for this kind of position

– Jez to send out updated JD and email for new position next week after community meeting

– Jez to create procedure document for opening centre and submit to council and trustees for approval.  To be done next week after community meeting.

– Peter Burke thanked for all his work on the finance team