Minutes for LSMC Culture, Diversity and Inclusion Team meeting – 25th September 2020

25th September 2020


Present: Frances Holliss, Rachael Cheang, Kate Grierson, Richard Knott

Apologies: Yukiko Putnam, Annalie Wilson

Chair: Frances Holliss

Minutes: Rachael Cheang


  • Harvest of Peace – Saturday 26th September


Original plan altered due to the rule of six being introduced by the government. Instead the event will take place on zoom with only six people meeting at the peace pagoda at 12pm (Frances, Adam, Tessa, Katrina, Rachael & Jane O). Richard agreed to be the host on the zoom meeting. The heart sutra will be recited whilst circumnavigating the pagoda. 


  • Review of LSMC statement and vote


70 people responded to the survey, 81.4% support the statement and 18.6% did not. CDI feel that this gives the LSMC a clear direction in which to go, but that this is still only the beginning. A further community meeting should be planned to discuss next steps. Frances to take this to the council & trustees meeting.


  • Teachers


The CDI team are concerned by the lack of teachers who are willing to teach and feel that there should be some teacher training to encourage a new wave of teachers.


  • Culture, Diversity & Inclusion remit


The CDI team discussed what was meant by 1) Culture and 2) Inclusion


  1. Culture – the team thought that more fun was needed to uplift the culture in the centre. One suggestion was a social meal like the evenings Alex arranged before lockdown. It was agreed to experiment with a Sunday lunch club at the centre, where people could book a place and come together to enjoy a packed lunch that they bring with them. The first one could be organised for Sunday 25th October. Rachael to ask Jez/Jane O about advertising the event on social media etc.
  2. Inclusion – the team recognise that those supporting SMR within our sangha will now be a minority group. CDI suggest that some work will be needed to create healing between the main group and the minority groups. CDI propose organising a healing event and asking John Seex to mediate. 


  • Next meeting


23rd October @ 5:30pm on Zoom 

Discussion about Llew’s idea of a central mission and various splinter groups.