Minutes HWBSP – Sept 2019

Health & Wellbeing, Safety & Protection Team

Minutes 8th September 2019

Persons present: Michaela K., Kate G., Yukiko P., Nele S.
Chairing: N. Schoeller
Minutes: N. Schoeller
• 1 st meeting of the emerging the H.&W., S.&P. Team
• Share our intentions for being part of this team, which will inform how we will set
the context of our work for the next six months ahead
• Practice deep listening (4 levels – U.Theory)
• Experience a good balance of work & nourishment (with snacks provided by
• Good practice: Brief introduction on the need for good boundaries and good
boundary keeping – time and otherwise. We agreed that we would start identifying
ourselves, meaning from which position we are speaking from, which ‘hat’ we are
wearing right now when addressing the group – as we all might have different
volunteer positions within the sangha which need to be clear to others when
• Collected group intentions: to review the existing Care & Conduct Policy, including
looking into the potential need for more specific safeguarding policies and training,
and more transparency around Care & Conduct and Safeguarding in general; there
is the wish to create ‘safe enough’ spaces to listen to those who have experienced or
witnessed harm and have not felt heard by Shambhala leadership in the past.
• Brief discussion on ‘the pitch/presentation’ (Harvest of Peace Festival)
Emerging Purpose/Future:
Action points agreed:
• Nele will do the ‘the pitch/presentation’ on the Harvest of Peace Festival
• Nele will organise/confirm room availability & communication for next meeting
(6th Oct.) & will chair that meeting
• Nele will invite Debbie C. by email to give a short presentation on how our most
recent Care & Conduct policy