Minutes of the LSMC  Council and Trustee Meeting 27th August 2020

Rachel Chang
Phillip Cohen
Adam Hart(notes)
Frances Holliss
David Hope
Angela Newton
Jez Taylor
Tessa Watts

1. Matters arising from 7th August meeting

Health: AN make contact with support services and report back next month
Finance: to meet next week to work out negotiating position re: lease
2. Main agenda item: to establish arrangements and format for the community meeting on 5th September
After a lengthy discussion and it was agreed that the strategic issues raised in this meeting could and should form part of the content for the community meeting on the 5th, rather than treated as matters to be resolved at this Council and Trustee meeting.
It was also agreed that dialogue/ negotiation with the Shambhala Board/Shambhala Europe would be best only after LSMC has reached its conclusion of this present internal process of local community decision making.
We then proceeded to agree a plan for the 5th, that was later circulated to all LSMC members, calling for submissions of questions and issues to be returned by the 2nd of Sept.
Trustees and Council will review outcome of the community meeting at next meeting and establish a formal position to be put back to members for ratification as soon as possible.
Date of next meeting: 11th Sept 7.30pm