Present:  Rachael Cheang, Adam Hart, Frances Hollis, David Hope, Jane Hope. (Minutes), Angie Newton, Jez Taylor(Centre Manager)  


Action  By When  By 


1. Minute Taker and Time of Next Meeting
JH will take minutes.  Date of next meeting 9th July JH
2. Minutes and Matters Arising
  • It was confirmed that the new statement was on the website.
  • Group members were reminded that decision making was ‘Consensus minus one’.
  • The ‘History’ should be sent out to teachers.

Carried over from last meeting but not discussed:

  • JO reported that the first page on our website is our statement about the Sakyong -JO agreed to write a more welcoming message.  (Did this happen?)
  • It was agreed that the videos of the Sakyong would be removed from LSMC YouTube channel.  (Did this happen?)
  • It was agreed that we would remove the Sakyong from the Senior Teachers page.  (Did this happen?) 
  • P & E would decide who would be on this page.  





P & E

3. Team Reports
CDI – No reports produced.   

Finance – The finance group have not met recently but Jez is up to date on the finances.  He reported that there were rentals from a Theatre Group and Yoga Teacher Training and while this helps financial security, is not the whole solution. 

P & E – the team continue to have monthly meetings but divisions in the group make it difficult to have an overall vision.  Shambhala Training is organised outside P & E and the summer retreat in the Centre is also organised outside the group.

JH volunteered to make a proposal for a Practice and Education path and will liaise with others to do this.

General Discussion 
There was a general discussion on the Centre and its future.  JT felt that the Centre was not in good shape (on life-support) and that we have a couple of years to bring the finances into surplus.  How can we do this?  Could we move to smaller premises?  

It was felt that LSC was suffering from a loss of heart and lack of direction and that we need to define who we are/what we are.  This was contrasted with Ocean who have a strong sense of identity and purpose.