Present:  Rachael C (Practice & Education rep) Phillip C (Trustee) Adam Hart, Frances H (Culture, Diversity and Inclusion rep) David Hope. Jane H. (Minutes), Angie Newton (part meeting) Jane O (Marketing) Jez T (Centre Manager) Tessa Watt (Trustee)


Action  By When  By 


1. Actions from last meeting
Finance team were asked to work out a negotiating position with the Oddfellows regarding the lease Done
2. 5th September Meeting
The 5th September meeting followed on from the 1st community meeting and subsequent straw poll in which 83%were not willing to continue with SMR as leader and main teacher. There was lengthy discussion on what had been said.  There had been divergent views at the meeting but the conversation remained civil.

Frances H. was thanked for her comprehensive minutes of the Community Meeting – she will pull out practical suggestions from those minutes.

3. Ratification of Position Statement
After a lengthy discussion, it was agreed that the following statement be sent to the members for ratification.


“The London Shambhala Meditation Centre has resolved to withdraw its allegiance to the Sakyong, as leader and main teacher, but not from the Shambhala community.  Our relationship with the Shambhala organisation is under review.

LSMC is committed to developing as an open, horizontal, transparent, democratic, inclusive and diverse organisation.”

4. Review of Centre Re-opening plan
The Centre will open again on 26th September and will be staffed by Peter Burke and Philip Stones.  As there is more than a 72-hour gap between meetings there is no need to do deep cleaning.  The Rule of Six does not affect the opening of the Centre
5.Advert for assistant post  
It was agreed to go ahead and circulate the description of the Assistant role and invite applications. Jez
6. Proposed letter to Oddfellows
Jez was requested to go ahead and speak with the Oddfellows again Jez
7.Invites to join/create new teams
Postponed to next meeting
8. AOB
Tessa Watt will resign as Shastri and step down as a trustee on the Harvest of Peace.  She was thanked for all her hard work in these roles.

Harvest of Peace – 6 people will go to the Peace Pagoda in Battersea Park and circumnambulate reciting the Heart Sutra.

9. Date of Next Meeting 
16th October 2020 ?