Minutes, P&E team, 19th Nov 2020


Present: Merlin Cox (Chair), David Morris, Rachael Cheang, Jane Hope, Tessa Watt, Llew Watkins (Minutes)



  • Review minutes from the previous meeting.
  • Welcome David Morris
  • David Schneider 
  • Brainstorming ideas for the future
  • Online Level One on the weekend of November 28th-29th
  • Feedback from WIEL
  • Next meeting


Agenda item Action points
Previous minutes

Possible that we can resume Wednesday meditation at the centre in December

David Schneider

The programme with David Schneider went very well.

Jane will get in touch to see if David Schneider is willing to teach another programme for the London sangha.
Brainstorming ideas for the future

  • The community exploration and initiatives from P&E could be seen as parallel processes.

Community exploration: 

  • Brief discussion of the process so far: A meeting was called on October 27th primarily with people from the Ordinary Mind group and the Ziji Young Meditators group to discussion possibilities for P&E. The outcome was that further discussions could be held each around more focused topics that arose in the meeting. A google document compiling these can be found here.
  • Llew expressed the need for community healing and kinship, discovering what are the community’s needs at this time?
  • Jane expressed the need for a P&E situation that isn’t a ladder.
  • What are the implications of not having the Sakyong as main teacher in terms of P&E?

Initiatives from P&E:

  • Tessa asked can we go ahead and programme some things for 2021? 
  • For example a study group based around the Hinayana Profound Treasury. Other suggestions for study texts were: Cutting Through Spiritual Materialism and Smile at Fear. It would be wise to try this as a taster session to begin with.
  • David commented that the Sacred Path programme has been wonderful to engage with, respectful and refreshing.
  • Small study groups seem to be really valuable for keeping community. In the short term these could be self-led.
  • David proposed a model whereby we could have one week of talks followed by one week of study groups.



Llew isn’t able to take this on at the minute. 

Katrina, Cailin and David expressed interest in continuing these conversations at the time and may be helpful allies in this.












David will set up a study group.

Level One

  • 10 participants
  • Staff: Zoom hosts, timekeepers, 2 MIs.
David Hope and Tessa will meet with staff next week.

  • Feedback was excellent. The group wishes to continue in some capacity. There is demand for one of the Basic Goodness courses (development of ego). Because the programme was online people from further afield were able to attend.
Talk about possibilities for this next time.

  • Level 4 is happening in January.
Next meeting

  • Thursday 17th December