Open House Talks

One Monday each month, we offer a talk from one of our experienced teachers on a range of topics. These are suitable for everyone, from newcomers to long-time meditators. All welcome!


Monday 9th September: Practising Meditation in Hard Times (Jane Hope)

Monday 7th October: The Genuine Heart of Sadness (Peter Conradi)

Monday 4th November: Meditation: revolution or tranquilizer? (Shastri Tessa Watt)

December 2nd December: What’s the Point? (Jim O’Neill)


Timings: Arrival & tea 7.15pm, start with sitting 7.45pm, talk at 8.15pm, finish by 9.30pm


Please note: when there is a talk, this replaces our usual Monday Open Evening sessions.


Suggested Donation £10/£7 low wage/£5 concession – however, finances should not be a reason for not participating. The evening is based on whatever people feel is within their inspiration and personal means (the principle of dana, or generosity) – please join us regardless of your circumstances.