P&E Team Minutes – 19th April 2020

P&E Team minutes – 19 April 2020 – Planning Meeting


Attending: Jim (Chair), Jane, Rachael, Tessa, Merlin, Jez (minnutes)



What we do now, online

What we do in September (assuming we are open again)




What we do now, events to be scheduled online 

Evening programmes are scheduled


Weekends to be decided by inviting existing teachers and checking with their availability and how often we put in programmes.

– Events can be day but mostly half day (3 hours).  Cost £30, concession £15, offer for those that cannot afford to pay less.

– ACTION – Jim to send individual invites to existing teachers (David Hope, David Schneider, Peter, Jim, Vinita, Jane, Angie Newton, Orhun, Paul G) to see if there is anything they would like to teach.

– ACTION – Jez to provide training for teachers in hosting Zoom and breakout rooms, in case a host cannot be found.


Discussion of a proposal from the CDI team that open events can happen with anyone hosting a discussion on a topic that they are interested in.

– P&E would have a say when there is any teaching content involved, or if the event is open to the public as hosting such an event may require some experience.  It’s important that there is some quality control somewhere, whether it’s P&E or not, over what goes out in the name of the London centre.

– ACTION – P&E to schedule in some teacher training events in the Autumn, either online or at centre, or both

– ACTION – Also awaiting a more detailed proposal from CDI that may help clarify some points


What we do in September (assuming we are open again)


Request to have more Buddhist training, and have a proper syllabus in the basics of the Buddhist view, path and fruition and other main Buddhist teachings.

The idea was discussed and well received that it could be one or two teachers that see people through a series of programmes to create a study group feel and provide greater benefit for students.

– ACTION – Jane to propose a syllabus on Buddhist path (by next meeting)

– ACTION – Jane to ask David Hope to propose a syllabus on the Buddhist view (by next meeting)

– ACTION – Merlin to propose a syllabus on Kagyu and Nyingma teachings (by next meeting)

Continue to offer online events?

– ACTION – Have a review in August to see how the events have gone and make a decision then on what kind of online offerings might be good to continue.


Standard Programmes 

Shambhala Training Levels to continue 

– ACTION – Jez to provide information on what cohorts are on the path, what is the recent history of levels.

Bodhichitta Weekends to be rescheduled


Vajrayana teaching

Could there be programmes on the early tantric teachings?

Possibly the centre can run 3 streams, hinayana, mahayana, vajrayana.  With Zoom, it might be that we have capacity to run this many streams, as it alleviates the restriction of having only 1 physical space.


Groups Outside London

Would groups outside London welcome teachings?  Specifically Brighton, Oxford.


Arts programmes

These should also be held in mind when scheduling


Update on Lama Rod visit

Do not know yet if Lama Rod will come to UK, decision to be made beginning of May.

If no visit, online offerings to be considered.


To conclude

– ACTION – Jez to start populating internal calendar with Level 1 and other standard programmes just to make a start.

– ACTION – Next meeting, start to look at various proposed syllabus and create a plan for streams of teachings.


Next meeting 

– ACTION – Jez to send Doodle poll for meeting (Jim available on Thurs, Fri evenings)

– ACTION – Tessa to chair