Practice & Education Meeting, Thursday 10th June 2021

Attended by Jane Hope, Merlin Cox, Tessa Watt and Katrina Woolley 


1: Minutes of last meeting When? Who?
Further discussion of who is overseeing MIs needed to be able to address retiring MIs, alongside the care and conduct process. For now take it to trustees when the opportunity arises. DM
Wunshe fund and bursary for members only? Charity law? KW
David to confirm when the book group will be DM
Plan toward MI training event in September depending on results of current meetings etc JH
Follow up with Jez on tech options for hybrid KW
2: Summer Retreat
Peter Burke and Jane planning retreat for end of August in person from centre (if Jane can’t be there – Pema talks series), 15-20 participants, hybrid? JH
Send Peter MI doc KW
3: Community Convo, History Doc and Teacher Meeting
Finish summarising notes and send to P&E team before sending out to members (plus any non-members who attended) KW
Teacher meeting would require clearer questions to pose and a look through of the whole doc – along with a history doc could be basis for a discussion about the plans. Revisit after summer (potentially Send doc – including Merlin’s version – to Peter, Jim and Merlin) All
4: Sitting and discussion events
Look into who has been offering things and see if anyone might want to run it – could be sitting followed by a different discussion each time on more radical and/or personal topics  KW
Float to members after the 21st (when we know what is happening with restrictions) to ask if anyone would like to offer an in person discussion based event – Add to next months agenda DM
4: Basic Goodness 2
Thursdays 8th July – 12th August or Tuesdays 6th – 10th (or starting following week) – check with Jez and confirm with Merlin KW
WeTransfer Merlin the BG1 videos KW


Next meeting 8th? Chair David Morris?