Practice & Education Meeting – Tuesday 13th April 2021

Attended by Jane Hope, Tessa Watt,  David Morris and Katrina Woolley 


1: Minutes of last meeting When? Who?
Speak to Llew about Community Convo and joining P&E team KW
Speak to Debbie about older MIs MC
2: Bursaries
Speak to Gampo Abbey about Alex’s fund  DM
Discussion of bursaries at next meeting DM
3: Programming
David S programme publicity KW
Book group eventbrite (starting May 10th) ASAP DM
Book group on website and email KW
Book group to include presentations as potential prep for Hinayana transcripts DM
Start asking for help from other teachers for mid-September class on the transcripts (using the book The Path of Individual Liberation – taking the cost into account in class cost) JH
Jane’s programme ideas to be revisited after move to Wales May JH & KW
Update P&E team on whether Spring Retreat happens ASAP KW
Look into how blended programmes might work tech-wise KW
Talk more about in-person and blended events next meeting, a community sitting weekend would be good, something open taught by a London based teacher (Orhun?) – aim to publicise by mid-May to happen in July  KW & DM
5: Community Conversation
Sending history to David M and Tessa for first review JH
Send the history to all teachers to give only key feedback – which will be collated before being sent back to Jane KW
Find date within 2 weeks of CC for teachers meeting KW
Send plan for videos  KW
6: MIs and Guides
Pencilled in for October, to revisit after CC JH
7: Honorariums
Address next time DM
8: AOB


Next meeting Tuesday 11th May – David Morris as chair