Practice & Education Meeting Tuesday 16th Mar 2021


1: Minutes of last meeting When? Who?
Check what positive action is needed RE: care and conduct  DM
2: Marie Kronquist’s offer to host a book group
Respond to email – encourage to staff, become a member and join David M’s next reading group for now to meet more people in the community and be in a better position to formulate an offering KW
3: Bursaries
Look into the Wunsche fund that already exists and report back KW
Speaking to Gampo Abbey about Alex’s fund DM
Continue conversation next meeting
4: Rachael’s departure from P&E
David will take over as rep  DM
Invite Llew to join (or someone else to join the team after the community conversation) KW
5: MIs/Guides
Planning a programme for everyone waiting to train as Guides, MIs or teachers in Autumn – discuss further at next meeting
For now teachers can empower individuals to MI who are not trained, but only with good reason/background info
Plan an opportunity for an evening series studying Trungpa’s seminary transcripts which participants take turn in giving presentations (perhaps include the recorded talks?) – around September JH
Look into best ways of speaking to older MIs about stepping down MC
6: Update on P&E community consultation 
Marketing  ASAP KW & DM
7: Programming Plans
David S happy to teach end of May/June – follow up with him on what he wants to teach that would be open to all ASAP KW
Talking to Orhun about teaching (including about honorarium) and follow up with Katrina and Jez DM
Mahayana programme/Bodhisattva vows?
Plan Jane Hope teaching something in May Next week JH & KW
Monday or Wednesday talks?
Planning next study group to start in June DM
Agreed to focus on online programming until summer at least aside from Wednesdays and a mix in the autumn – we can revisit this discussion as the lockdown situation progresses
8: A.O.B.
Finance team to talk about the teaching honorarium structure JH


Next meeting 13th April – Jane Hope to chair