Meditation in the Age of Acceleration - Open House Talk

with Shastri Tessa Watt

September 19th (2017)

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    Room: London meditation hall

    'The purpose of the practice of meditation is to experience the gaps. We do nothing essentially, and see what that brings - either discomfort or relief, whatever the case may be... The peace we experience in meditation is simply this state of doing nothing, which is experiencing the absence of speed.'

    Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche


    Our lives are speeding up in every sphere -  technology, globalization, climate change, information overload. Some scientists call it the ‘Great Acceleration’.    We struggle to keep up, racing through life instead of really living it. Can we learn to relate more skilfully to our speed and agitation? Can meditation help us to slow down Time? Can we learn to become its masters instead of its slaves?


    Suggested Donation £10/£7 low wage/£5 concession


    Timings: Arrival 7pm, start 7.30pm, finish by 9pm