Sane communication in the Chaos of Everyday Life by the Dorje Kasung

with Irene Vliegenthart & Debbie Coats

October 27th—October 29th (2017)

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  • £110 Full Price
  • £95 Early Bird
Room: London meditation hall

The Friday evening talk is free and oepn to all, you do not have to attend the whole weekend to attend this talk, donations are welcome.


We are often cut off from true communication even with ourselves. We live our lives through the filters of our own perspective and so don't truly experience our richness. This blocks communication with other people and the outer world and can lead to chaos and confusion instead of clarity and enrichment.


In this interactive seminar we have the opportunity to explore our personal experience of how we habitually communicate. From that we can learn to develop confidence, skillfulness and enjoyment, and to connect to our innate resourcefulness when communicating with others.


These practices and teachings were brought from Tibet by the renowned meditation master Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, and first taught to western students more than 40 years ago. Some of his students formed a service organisation within Shambhala called the Dorje Kasung. They continue to practice and study these teachings under the direction of his successor, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche.

Although drawn from the Buddhist tradition, the view and techniques presented are not religious. The teachings are accessible and relevant to people of any or no spiritual background, and assume no prior knowledge of meditation or Buddhism.

In the seminar we will explore

  • Our own experience of communication
  • Obstacles to clear, precise, effective communication
  • Deep listening and how to genuinely engage with others
  • Communication in the midst of chaos and confusion


About the facilitators

Irene Vliegenthart is a weaver and has retired from teaching disabled children to work with textiles. She studied with Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and now studies with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. She is a senior Shambhala teacher and lives in the Netherlands,


Debbie Coats is a cancer information nurse and a manager of a patient information website in the UK. She has practised meditation for 29 years and is a senior Shambhala teacher. She has experience in many different areas of communication and finds the Shambhala teachings especially helpful when working with situations of intense or heightened emotions. 


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Cost of the seminar: £110

Early bird price: £95 (by 21st October)

Concessions available on request, please contact [email protected] to apply for a concession.


Payment Terms and Conditions

Please register and pay in full on registration.  Cancellation up to 1 week before the programme will receive a full refund, after that there will be a £20 fee charged for cancellation up until the start date of the programme after which no refund is granted.




Friday evening talk – 7pm to 9.30pm 

Saturday – 10am to 6pm

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