'The Basic Goodness Series': How Can I Help Others?

with Acharya Orhun Cercel

December 2nd—December 3rd (2017)

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  • £130 Full Price
  • £110 Early Bird
Room: London meditation hall

'How Can I Help? The Basic Goodness of Society' is the second of three courses collectively called the Basic Goodness Series; a powerful journey into the experience of basic goodness - in ourselves, in others, and in reality itself.

In this course we will explore the Shambhala understanding of 'enlightened society'.  The course focuses on transforming the four aspects of our lives, through meditation and associated practices:  home , work, entertainment, and economy. We also learn the traditional mahayana practice of “sending and taking” (tonglen) as a method to fundamentally change how we see others, and open up to a more genuine way of relating with them.

However, the Shambhala vision is not limited to a personal transformation alone, but is more essentially a plan for the creation of a more enlightened society in accord with the principles of goodness, generosity, courage and wisdom.

The early bird registration fee of £110 is available until 24th November after which time the fee will be £130.  A concession fee of £80 is available for those earning below £17,000 per annum and a concession fee of £60 is available for those earning below £12,000.  Please contact [email protected]

Payment Terms and Conditions

Please register and pay in full on registration.  Cancellation up to 1 week before the programme will receive a full refund, after that there will be a £20 fee charged for cancellation up until the start date of the programme after which no refund is granted.


Additional Information

Sat/Sun: tea/coffee 9am, start 9.30am, finish 6.30pm  Lunch will be provided, any allergies please include details in comment box of registration screen
For further information please email: [email protected]