Developing insight into our problems - Open House Talk

with Acharya Orhun Cercel

December 12th (2017)

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    Room: Main meditation hall

    "Through insight... we discover the truth about karma. This allows the kleshas, or confused emotions, to dry up by themselves"

    Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

    Insight is the ability to have a clear, deep, and sometimes sudden understanding of a complicated problem or situation. Unfortunately we do not always have insights into our life situations. On a collective level, we live in a society that struggles to gain insights into the problems that bedevil our world.

    We are faced with environmental disasters and warfare, yet we are unable to connect these problems with the materialist and consumerist ethos that rules the modern world. By learning how to open our awareness to space we always have the opportunity to develop an understanding of our state of being. Learning certain meditation techniques can be extremely useful in helping us to take intelligent decisions and act in a skilful way on an individual and also social level.

    Suggested Donation £10/£7 low wage/£5 concession

    Timings: Arrival 7pm, start 7.30pm, finish by 9pm