Vajrayana Group Practice Weekend

November 18th—November 19th (2017)

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  • £40 Full Price
  • £20 Early Bird
Room: London meditation hall

This is an opportunity for the Vajra Sangha to come together and practise. One of the reasons for the Vajrayana days is the group practice requirement for our new Tantrikas; another, to nurture our Vajra community and its various practice groups.


Werma or Kagyu/Nyingma sadhakas are welcome to join the Tantrikas by sitting at the back of the main shrine room. If there is sufficient interest and Scorpion Seal sadhakas organise themselves, we have additional space for their practices.


Cost: £20 per day - please indicate in the comments section whether you are attending the whole weekend or one day only. For those attending only one day, please select the "early bird" option.