Easter Retreat

March 30th—April 1st

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  • £55 Full Price
Room: London meditation hall

The season of spring can be a wonderful time for growth and transformation. Please join us once again to explore how we can approach the new year with a spirit of courage and adventure. Silent contemplative lunches will be provided. There will be daily guided instruction & short talks about Shamatha-Vipashyana meditation. There will also be opportunities for one-on-one meditation interviews.


Payment Terms and Conditions

Cost: £55 for 3 days, £40 for 2 days, £25 for 1 day.  Please give details of which days you wish to attend in the comments box on the registration page. 


Lunch will be provided, if you have food allergies, please give details when registering in the comments box.  

Timings: 9.30am - 5.30pm