Kasung training afternoon: Shambhala Warriorship & Vision in Challenging Times

with Debbie Coats & Deputy Minister of Government Pillar Jani Glavina

March 18th

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  • £30 Full Price
Room: London meditation hall

We are living in interesting and very challenging times. The Sakyong has referred to it as an age of aggression and greed. We see it in the headlines and on the often fearful faces of people we encounter every day.

The Shambhala vision prepares us for such times, though, and invites us to use compassion and our own inherent basic goodness to create a culture in which life’s challenges are met with kindness, generosity and courage.

On this afternoon we have an opportunity to explore Shambhala Vision and how Dorje Kasung practice helps us to protect and propogate that Vision in our daily lives. We will read, contemplate and discuss the Proclamation that was written by the Kalapa Council, and shared with a gathering of Shambhala Leaders and the Sakyong in May.

All Shambhala members are welcome to join this opportunity to explore the prophesy and practice of Shambhala in these difficult times.

Start: 2pm: Drill (optional)

3pm - 6pm: Presnetation and discussion of the Shambhala Proclamation

6pm: Sadhana of Mahamudra

7pm: Mess and campfire

8pm: Close

Dress: Dorje Kasung to wear uniform number 4C (blue jacket, white shirt, grey trousers). Others can wear smart casual clothes.

Please wear sturdy footwear and bring a warm jacket and ideally a hat.


For further information please contact [email protected]