Summer Solstice - Celebrating Midsummer's Day

June 21st (2018)

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    Room: Main meditation hall

    At Shambhala we have a long tradition of celebrating the changes of the seasons. Summer brings openness, warmth, and often a sense of relaxation and enjoyment of the simple things in life.


    So please join us in a celebration of such things. Bring your games and kites, frisbees and food. Be ready to sing some songs or just listen if you like (musical instruments encouraged).


    We will meet in Clapham Common from 6.30pm onwards for an evening picnic.  We will gather by big tree just the other side of the pond when coming from Clapham Common tube station.

    Bring a dish to share and your own favourite drink if you wish, and let's take this opportunity to relax together and take a moment to just appreciate the goodness of being alive and being together.


    Please register - that way we can stay in touch and coordinate meeting, and direct any questions to [email protected]




    Over the years our community has adopted a tradition of celebrating the changes of the seasons. These are called nyida days, from the Tibetan words nyima (“sun”) and dawa (“moon”). Nyida days occur on or near the days of the equinoxes and solstices. All four nyida days are regarded as community-oriented celebrations:

    • Shambhala Day – the lunar New Year

    • Midsummer’s Day – the summer solstice

    • Harvest of Peace – the autumn equinox

    • Children’s Day – the winter solstice