Suffering and its Cure

with Peter Conradi

March 16th—March 17th

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  • £70 Full Price
Room: Main meditation hall

Suitable both for beginners as also for experienced meditators

Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche once described suffering as “a necessary and quite delightful topic”. During this programme we will ex­plore our Shambhala lineage’s exposition of the Buddha’s Four Noble Truths, which map the entire Buddhist journey.

 The Four Noble Truths have the elegance of a medical case-history : we meet our condition, explore its sources and discover ways to go further.  Our starting-point is our longing to find an off-switch for pain. So the first and essential step on our Buddhist journey entails an honest encounter with our own raw stress, anxiety, unease, dissatisfaction and restlessness, from which our whole journey starts to unfold. A steadily deeper understanding accompanies each stage of the path, from our initial discovery of meditation (which teaches us the Origin of Suffering and points us towards its Cessation)  up to our embrace of the Eight-fold Path and our contemplation of the step of taking Refuge as a Buddhist.   

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A concession fee of £50 is available for anyone whose annual income is below £12,000. Please contact [email protected] to request a concession.


Additional Information

Sat: tea/coffee registration 9am, start 9.30am, finish 6pm.

Sun: tea/coffee 9am, start 9.30am, finish 6pm. 

No lunch will be provided - feel free to bring your own packed lunch or explore the surrounding shops and restaurants.

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