Developing Maitri and Turning against Self-Criticism

with Jim O'Neill

April 27th—April 28th

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  • £70 Full Price
Room: Main meditation hall
“…how has it come about that we are so bewitched by our self-hatred, so impressed and credulous in the face of our self-criticism, as unimaginative as it usually is? And why is it so akin to a judgement without a jury.” AGAINST SELF-CRITISCISM”, Adam Phillips, 2015

  We are well trained in fending off the judgements of others by turning them against ourselves. Developing Maitri, extending loving kindness towards the self, as presented by the Buddha, can be the most challenging of all practices. Most of us, even so called seasoned practitioners, are only intermittently able to hold on to this view. We punish ourselves, self-harm and self-criticise and often find that our sole defence, in the face of this onslaught, is to over-indulge, play the victim, or blame others. We can be caught up in this vicious cycle for years, lifetimes. This taught course is a chance to connect, or maybe reconnect, with the precious teachings and practices that help us to deepen our sense of trust by learning to relax into an attitude of loving kindness towards ourselves.

Jim O’Neill is a Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist, Buddhist practitioner and teacher and author of  UNDRESSING, (Short Books, May 2019)

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